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Rock Dogs

Rock Dogs Gratitude Pet Bank - Deep Sea

Rock Dogs Gratitude Pet Bank - Deep Sea

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Enjoy a fun and entertaining gratitude and savings practice with a one-of-a-kind Rock Dog Gratitude Pet Bank! Store all that positivity and $$$ within this here bulbous buddy while enjoying their company in your home or at the office.

Develop a daily practice of placing your gratitude inside and opening up your Pet Bank using the cork at the base to re-read all you have acknowledged and appreciated. 

This clay companion will always have time for you and support you throughout the day. These are wonderful gifts for the animal lover, too, and make for the easiest pet your loved one will ever care for. ;-)

Your treasured collectible is accompanied by an Official Certificate of Adoption and a Rock Dogs sticker to place on anything you wish to help spread the joy of Rock Dogs.

All Rock Dogs collectibles are made from locally sourced stoneware clay in Portland, OR. We celebrate the variations inherent to handmade items and hope you do too.

All Rock Dogs collectibles are made entirely by hand, so some form of imperfection and inconsistency is to be expected. It also makes each piece a 'one of a kind.'

Care instructions:

No food or water is needed to keep your Rock Dog happy! ;-) Instead, they love to make you happy.

All Rock Dogs can remain outdoors without compromising their glaze appearance or strength. Use mild soap to wipe away dirt or dust and keep your treasured pet clean.

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