About Me


I'm Rocky Jaeger, owner of Rock Dogs, a self-taught ceramicist making animal-themed sculptures and pottery from my garden studio in Portland, Oregon (United States). As a one-person business, I wear all the hats, from making the next batch of animals to packing orders and anything in between.

I find joy in making simple everyday objects beautiful, whimsical, and fun to use and give as gifts, such as:

  • A compassionate ceramic animal that'll give you unconditional love and joy in your life.
  • A friendly mug that gives you that supportive smile before taking a sip in the middle of the day.
  • A charismatic serving bowl that you fill with your favorite treat or your furry friend's favorite food.
  • A particularly passionate planter that'll proudly display your indoor or outdoor plant.
  • And many more new creations that bring joy into the world.

I chose Rock Dogs as my brand name while learning to make the signature round shape of the first Rock Dogs sculptures. Back then, I focused primarily on creating Rock Dogs in various sizes and colors. Now, I also use a pottery wheel and slab roller to make mugs, planters, bowls, dishware, and many other useful objects for everyday use. I knew this creative expression was my destiny as an artist, and I feel a wonderful sense of purpose whenever I meet a new fan of Rock Dogs.

I truly hope every Rock Dogs collectible out there brings joy and connection to their owners. Thank you for learning about Rock Dogs and me. :-)

Where you can find me
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