Spreading the Joy of Rock Dogs

The Rock Dogs Mission: To spread joy and connection with handmade ceramic collectibles.

The very first Rock Dog emerged in the fall of 2019 while creating sculpture as a member of a community clay studio in Southeast Portland, Oregon. It was adorable and needed a friend, so I made a few more. Once 2020 came around, I decided to make more to give out to friends and family as gifts. The reception was positive, so we launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a kiln for a home studio. With the incredible support from family, friends, and fans of Rock Dogs we now spread the joy of Rock Dogs far and wide.

I invite you to visit the Kickstarter project and the Etsy shop to see how these cute animals came into the world and the joy they've brought to people who've brought them home.

Rock Dogs on Kickstarter

Back in May 2021 I launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund a kiln and set up a ceramics studio at home. The dream was to make Rock Dogs full-time and begin the dream of spreading as much joy as I could with Rock Dogs. See the video and project below.


It all started on Etsy

This well-known platform was a great starting point for Rock Dogs as the collection began to grow, and many happy customers have shared how happy their purchase has made them.


Meet the artist behind Rock Dogs