Frequently Asked Questions

The most commonly asked questions about Rock Dogs, ordering, requests and more.

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Do you do custom orders?

I am happy to discuss custom orders for items that are already in the Rock Dogs design style. Please send me an email to get a custom order conversation started.

I am always open to suggestions and new ideas! So please, let me know what kinds of animals or items you want to see.

Can I pre-order or hold a piece prior to a shop update?

Not at this time. Pre-ordering will be a feature available in the future once I've produced a method of production that reliably results in products customers can expect. Until then, look for restock announcements for that special Rock Dog or other animal you've been hoping for.

Can I buy online and pick up in person?

Yes! We love our local customers and local pick ups. When you purchase your items via the website, select "pickup" at checkout and you will not be charged shipping fees. We'll notify you when your item is ready for pickup at the studio. The best part about local pick ups is we always get those ready first, so your item will often be available the very next day after you order.

Can I visit and shop at the studio?

Yes! While I don't have regular hours, I'm always happy to set up appointments for people to come see the studio and purchase pottery in person. However, you'll always have the most selection to choose from by shopping via my online sales.

Where is my studio located?

Rock Dogs is based out of my home in Portland, Oregon. I sell primarily through my website and occasionally attend events and art fairs in Oregon.

Why isn't the Rock Dogs shop always open?

I make and glaze all the Rock Dogs products myself and simply can't keep everything in stock. I need time to make and glaze the work in between sales.

How do you decide on your shipping prices?

It depends on box size and location. I learned the hard way that shipping is EXPENSIVE (and complicated)! I am still figuring out the fairest way to calculate shipping costs. Ordering multiple pieces increases the shipping costs significantly. In order to avoid casualties, I pack my pieces well so the boxes with multiple pieces end up getting pretty big. USPS prices jump up a lot for any box with a dimension over 12 inches. Again, I am still working out the kinks and doing my best to make sure that you pay what I pay.

How do you pack your products for shipping?

We use recyclable and recycled materials as much as possible when packing our orders for shipment. We also do our best to make sure that your purchase gets to you unbroken, so you can expect quite a lot of packing peanuts. We use honeycomb paperwrap, corrugated cardboard wrap, biodegradable/compostable packing peanuts, and cardboard dividers and boxes. If you find styrofoam or plastic bubble wrap in your package, it was donated to us, and is on its second life at the very least. Consider passing it along to a local ceramic artist rather than throwing it away!

How do you decide on your prices?

Pricing is an ongoing battle! Typically I try to price based on 3 things – time, material and size. All of my pieces are one of a kind and take quite a bit of time, especially the more detailed ones. Additionally, some material is more expensive than others. The gold and silver accents are a luster glaze that is made with real gold which is quite expensive and takes an additional firing so those tend to be more expensive.

Do the planters have drain holes?

Yes! I offer 2 kinds of planters and they both have drain holes! The first design has no feet and has a hole on the bottom of the form. The second design includes cute little feet and the hole is in the center of those. I will always indicate which design in the product's description.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes! I am currently offering international shipping to over 200 countries. Customers are responsible for any additional customs fees.

Are the mugs and bowls microwave and dishwasher safe?

Handmade pottery can be used like other pieces of ceramics, just with more careful attention and appreciation. All of our work is made of stoneware or fine porcelain clay and glazed with food-safe and lead-free glazes. Most items are microwave and dishwasher safe, but please be careful to load carefully and don’t bump your pots around. The exception is luster! If your piece has gold, silver, or mother-of-pearl on it, it can’t go in the microwave, and shouldn’t go in the dishwasher. Hand wash with care and your collectible will last for generations.

What if something arrives broken?

I have a method of wrapping and packaging items that has worked extremely well, and it is rare that something arrives broken.

However, unfortunately sometimes it happens. If your item happens to arrive broken, please email me a photo of the broken item, as well as a photo of the box. We try and learn from our mistakes and need to know what NOT to do in order to avoid future breakage. If I have the same color/style on hand, I can ship you a new item immediately. More often than not, I will need to either refund you for your purchase OR you can wait for me to make a new item (typical turn around time for a replacement is about 3-4 weeks, which is why we try extremely hard not to have anything break during shipping).

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